Our Story​

Everyone in Pause. Recover. has turned their own lives around, after getting caught up with drink and/or drugs. It was very difficult, and each of us had a problem accessing help when we needed it. Things got much worse than it needed to, and getting help was hard. β€‹

Using our experience we have developed a simple step by step process. People can use this to stop and turn things around. Our online services can be accessed whenever needed, in any part of the English speaking world. It is a proven process that works if you put the work in, and is affordable. You don't have to wait to get help. 

How it Works

Getting your life back to normal means changing your behaviour. We use a simple idea called Directions. You work out what would make life better for you:

  • Health
  • Family
  • Work
  • Personal
  • Social
  • Education
  • Community

Then you figure out what behaviours are going to get you there and start doing them. Staying on track is the hard part so we refer to this as focus on behaviour. 

​It is form of learning by doing, which involves trial and error. It takes a bit of time. The ideas are pretty simple but the practice is where the work is. It's a bit like learning to sail a boat. It's hard because the weather is changing all the time and there are hidden currents to deal with. It's all about learning to adapt whilst staying on course. This is what you will learn.

You can't direct the wind but you can adjust the sails - Thomas S. Monson 

The History

We started out doing more traditional face to face work. People who were getting over their problems got together in person.  The model has been developed by Mark Webster, over the last 20 years, based on science. The format is very simple and has been used across the UK in a variety of settings. The format is easy to learn so that anyone can use it with some hard work. In 2015 the model was recognised by Public Health England under our old name ACT Peer Recovery. With the arrival of Covid we went online and developed the current App.

Ready when You Are

Lots of people end up drinking/using too much for a variety of reasons, not least because it is normal in society. If you carry on doing too much for too long then something bad is going to happen. It's only then that you realise something is wrong and want to know how to change. Initial problems usually affect either work, family or health. Sometimes people end up in hospital or in court and wonder how they got there. When you get the wake up call then Pause. Recover. (PR) is there, and available.​

With PR the moment that you want change then you can access help and get going. It is a completely safe and confidential service that has been proven to work over many years. Using our step by step process you can get life back to normality in 90 days. We are helping hundreds of other people even as you read this. 

Confidential and Safe

Drug and alcohol problems are still stigmatised. We offer complete privacy to everyone in PR. We give you the option of keeping your name and details completely private. Other than for Mark Webster we prefer to keep it that way for our staff as well as for people accessing the App. You can read more about the ideas behind Pause. Recover. by visiting his personal page.


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