Mobile App

We provide a free App that you can download as normal from the stores. You can access this by selecting from the homepage. The App is based on the idea of people working in small groups together online. You will learn new techniques and skills to get life back on track. It is based on a familiar messaging format. We keep everything safe and completely confidential.

Free 7 day Course

‚ÄčThe free course gives you the opportunity to learn about how the process works and see if it is helpful. It is the first level on the path to getting life sorted out and can start working straight away. At this level you are working with the software to get a feel for the process.

Service Centre

If you find it helpful then you can subscribe to the service centre. This costs £35 per month. The centre staff are people who have completed the process and received further training. Their job is to keep the online groups safe through moderation. They also provide feedback on what works. They will be alongside as you progress through the levels. and are on hand to offer direct help via the App whenever you need it. The Centre is open from 08:00 - 20:00 seven days a week in your local timezone.

Progress though Levels

The step by step process is structured and divided into levels so you can see progression. Each level is harder than the previous one. You are promoted into groups that have people at a similar level of experience. The first set of levels takes 90 days if you complete everything on time. By that time your life will have turned around. 

Technique Development

Within each level you are learning a set of techniques that have been proven to work. We have successfully taught them to thousands of people before. It is only now available via the Internet. The focus is on helping you to apply these new techniques so that your life improves and develops in the way you want. You are in control at all times and go at your own pace. Success will follow practice, so this requires hard work and persistence.

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